The School Senate is formed, trained and entrusted with responsibility based on the strong belief of the teachers that students should have a voice in the running of the school and that that voice should arise from a keen sense of responsibility. The students of the Senate work in partnership with school management and staff for the benefit of the school and its students. They are encouraged to question, criticize and contribute productively to the decisions made by teachers and school management.

The responsibilities placed on the shoulders of the Senate students also nudge them to acquire leadership and organisational skills that will carry them in the future. It enables students to take ownership of their school and then inculcate that ownership in their classmates.


School Pupil Leaders Jonah Salomon Raj XI – A1
Saranya . S XI – D
Assistant School Pupil Leaders Calvin IX – B
Ragini Devi M.R.K. IX – A
Junior School Pupil Leaders Nicholas V – C
Aksha Glory Paulina V – B
Prefect for Worship Immanual Giftson V IX – C
Sub- Prefect for Worship Christiba IX – B
Junior Prefect for Worship Esther Jeba V – D
Prefect for Communication Astha Twinkle J XI – B
Sub- Prefect for Communication Hemnath IX – C
Junior Prefect for Communication Surya V – A
Prefect for Resources Sheeba Sundari XI – B
Sub- Prefect for Resources Mohan Raj IX – A
Junior Prefect for Resources Hannah Blessy V – C
Prefect for Wellbeing Abishek XI – B
Sub- Prefect for Wellbeing Mahitha IX – D
Junior Prefect for Wellbeing Lennin V – B
Prefect for Co-curriculum Sherine H XI – C
Sub- Prefect for Co-curriculum Caroline IX – C
Junior Prefect for Co-curriculum Siddharthan V – B
Prefect for Games Vignesh R XI – C
Johnson House Captain Pradeeep Rahul K XI – D
Baldwin House Captain Gangesh S Kumar XI – A1
Jesudian House Captain Merlyn Angel P XI – C
Viswasam House Captain Thabitha XI – A1