The school has classes spread across four blocks and a few classes in one of the blocks of our sister school on campus. The blocks – Zion, Carmel, Horeb and Moriah – are named after mountains mentioned in the Bible. The campus received a major facelift in 2014. The Moriah block is the newest addition to the campus and houses the kindergarten children in state-of-the-art classrooms.


The Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science Labs are well-maintained and fully furnished. They hold all the apparatus required by students for curricular and co-curricular learning. Each lab has a teacher dedicated to its maintenance and to guide the students in their hands-on learning. The 35 computers in the Computer Science Labs are equipped with the software included in the syllabus. The lab also has a projector that teachers use to instruct and demonstrate during class, so that the students can follow the teaching easily.


libraryThe library in the school is designed to be a safe and warm environment that will encourage the children to develop a love for reading. The library staff are always present to offer guidance. However, they work towards helping the student reach a stage of independent reading which includes browsing and selecting books that match their individual interests with minimal guidance. With around 3500 books, the library is also consistently updated to hold new books and authors to ensure that the collections reflect popular reading choices of the time.

Students are encouraged to grow comfortable with reading electronic formats of books. 11 Kindles were added to the library stock in 2015. They have been incorporated into the regular reading hours that every student has, to ensure that as many students as possible will have the opportunity to handle a Kindle.

Knowledge Centre

The knowledge centre is a facility exclusively for teachers. It gives teachers both the space and the resources to prepare their lessons before classes. The 10 computes in the knowledge centre contain teaching content from Educomp for all classes. The teachers can update the lesson plans and teaching content for different subjects on the server. The knowledge centre encourages the teaching staff to become comfortable with and nurture tech-centric teaching methods.


The smartboards installed in alternate classrooms in the school have been a step forward for the school in helping students learn and understand concepts with greater depth. Including visualization of concepts into lesson plans have been made hassle-free by the smartboards. Students use the smart board to make presentations for the class.

The smart classrooms include a finger touch enabled interactive board, a green board, a projection system and a computer. The system is designed for easy and seamless use of the interactive white board and computer. The Samacheer portions are fed as a content both in visual and audio format to the smartboard.

Basketball Court

The basketball court is used for inter- and intra-school competitions. Basketball coaching is also provided for students of the school in the mornings and evenings for all age groups.

RO Plant

Two RO plants were installed in 2016 to provide purified drinking water to all students of the school.


The school assembly is conducted regularly in the auditorium. Other events like Annual Day, Valedictory and inauguration of Wood Apple also take place in the auditorium.

Music Room

The air-conditioned music room was set up to provide a comfortable space for the students to learn and work on music. The atmosphere of the room is kept casual. Students can be seen taking notes for songs or sitting through a music lesson with the school’s in-house music tutors in the music room. The music tutors are skilled in training vocals and instruments like keyboard and guitar.


As a part of the school’s social work project called the Care Project, a cafeteria was set up for the mothers of the care project children. The cafeteria serves healthy, clean food and is abuzz with activity during the interval and lunch break.

Chat Room

The chat room was set up to provide students with counselling and guidance. Three counsellors from Alochana are available for the students to approach during times of need. The counsellors work with students regularly.