Miss Johnson

Miss Viswasam

Mrs.Sujatha Ross

Mrs. Joan Elango

The story of the school begins in 1964 when a play school was started with a thatched roof and 18 students under it. It was named after Anita, a little girl who spent her short life on the Balar Kalvi Nilayam campus.

Ms. Rose Viswasam, as one of the founding members, carefully nurtured the school in its early years. Our first teacher, Mrs. Light Ebenezer, was followed by Mrs. Victoria Ravi and Mrs. Dora Chelladurai who handled the kindergarten sections. Later, Mrs. Kanambal, Mrs. Daniel, Mrs. Pushpamani, Mrs. Pushpa Rathnam, Mrs. Prema and Mrs. Padmini Thomas joined them to form a team that laid strong foundations for child-friendly teaching.

Mrs. Jesudian was the first Correspondent and supervisor of Anita Methodist School. She was succeeded by Mrs. Johnson who framed the play school curriculum. Then, Miss. Baldwin took over as the next principal and left in the year 1987. In the year 1988, Mrs. Michael take over as principal, followed by Dr. Sujatha Ross in the year 2001. Mrs. Joan Elango is the current principal of Anita Methodist School.

Mrs.Light Ebenezer

Miss Baldwin

Miss Jesudian