Anita Methodist exists for the children it serves. You will see this child-centeredness oozing through everything that happens at the school. From teachers training, student leadership Senate, inter and intra school events to building design: everything is focused on giving our children the safest environment to bloom as gifted individuals who would go on to make great citizens of the world

School Emblem

The open circle form of the school emblem cues the perfection it strives for in all its endeavours and the freedom its work brings into the lives of people. The two olive wreath reminds us of the excellence with which we are to serve the children, the nation and the world at large. The open Book that dominates the emblem points to the Biblical values which drive our work. The Cross and the Flame in the center identifies us with the Methodist Church.

The school’s motto of ‘Lead Kindly Light’ points to the God who lights up our paths as we spread the light further.


Producing excellent people through world-centered education and Word-centered nurturing.


To provide excellently equipped, expertly staffed, globally connected and Christian values-based learning environment that engages, inspires and challenges young people.


The school was founded the Methodist Church as Anita Play Center for tiny tots in 1964, inside an already renowned Balar Kalvi Nilayam (BKN) Campus. Alongside other institutions its original purpose was to help uplift the lots of poor women and their children in the north Chennai neighbourhoods. Set amidst a cluster of wood apple trees, the school grew to be a Primary School by 1980, a High School by 1984 and eventually a full-fledged Higher Secondary School by 1986.

Vital Statistics:

Today Anita Methodist School serves 2213 boys and girls (AY 2015-16) from age 3 to 17. Engaged in this mission are 88 professionally qualified trained teachers and 42 administrative staff. The school has 50 spacious classrooms besides science labs, communication centre and a well-stocked library.